Confrontation, Education and Comparison are Criteria for the Festival

MESSPRESSO 2 - ponedjeljak 300913Conversations with selectors of the Festival took place at the first “get together” with reporters and journalists who follow 53rd MESS International Theatre Festival.

They explained what is going on behind the scenes of Festival MESS, and how is looks the process of selection performances which arrive from European and world festivals to the official selection of MESS.

Giorgio Ursini, Selma Spahić and Dino Mustafić explained that comparison, education and confrontation are the key concepts in selection of plays for MESS. The main filter in selection is the Festival concept and the budget.

Many famous names have to be contacted one or two years in advance, because they already have a busy agenda. Giorgio Ursini pointed out that the festival for five years have been negotiating with Angelica Liddell, that audience will have the chance to see tonight at the National Theater.

MESS has always gave chances to young directors and many famous European theater names have presented their first works at MESS festival, such as Árpád Schilling, Sidi Cherekoui, great choreographer who had his first professional debutPerfect Nothing” in MESS, Laszlo Hudi and many others.

(Source: Press Office of MESS Festival)



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