Council of Ministers of BiH did not give an adequate Response in the Fight against the Pandemic

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina did not give an adequate response in the fight against the pandemic, said today the member of the Presidency of BiH, Sefik Dzaferovic.

”I wanted that fight to be fought in a completely different way, from one place, from the state level. They left it to the lower levels of government and that fact alone is enough to conclude that the fight is not successful, as it should be,” Dzaferovic told reporters in Sarajevo.

He called on the BiH Council of Ministers to do everything it can to fight the pandemic.

”For my part, I did everything I could. At my request, an extraordinary session of the Presidency of BiH was held in March last year, and I said then that I saw the fight against the pandemic. It could have been better, and this is the main reason why it is not like that,” Dzaferovic pointed out.

He stated that BiH is in a difficult state of fighting against the pandemic and that no one should find excuses and reasons why the fight is not more successful, but everything should be done to be better.

He called on all social actors to be united, not to speculate, not to cause panic among the citizens, and to do everything that can be done to provoke answers in an adequate way.

BiH Presidency Member Zeljko Komsic also believes that the BiH Council of Ministers has failed. He pointed out that they were following the “line of least resistance”.

”They relied entirely on the COVAX mechanism and left it in the hands of others. The COVAX mechanism has shown, in the ugliest way, how today’s world works. The big and powerful grab themselves, and the smaller ones have what is left,” said Komsic.

He stated that it could have been different, and that this is shown by examples from the neighborhood. This is an emergency situation, here people need to work together because it is about the health and lives of people in this country, but the easiest thing was to be conformist, let others do it. Of course, people have the right to say that they have had enough, concluded Komsic.

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