Cvijanovic: The first Tranche of IMF Loan for BiH is quite certain

The Prime Minister of Republika Srpska (RS), Zeljka Cvijanovic, states that the first tranche of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan is quite certain, and she does not expect that there will be any problems with the deposit insurance law, which is one of the remaining issues that need to be fulfilled.

Cvijanovic added that some deadlines were prolonged compared to the original Letter of Intent, as the IMF also pointed out that certain things should not block the whole arrangement, if other items are fulfilled.

“Their focus has now been on the budget adoption, after the excises have been resolved,” she told to reporters in Banja Luka.

Part of the IMF terms also referred to the RS Investment-Development Bank (IRB), ie the way it should potentially be reorganized.

Discussions about this, as Cvijanovic said, will be continued, in order to enable greater stability, better organization and potential restructuring of the IRB.

She reiterated the opinion of the RS representative and said that she will not allow a single register of agricultural farmsteads of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to be established.

That entity, she adds, has its own register and should, for different international reporting purposes, enable retrieval of data from different registers of BiH.

“What is so difficult about pulling the data from RS and Federation of BiH, and making a report on agriculture,” Cvijanovic stated.



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