Children with Developmental Delays to get space for their Kindergarten in Sarajevo

Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo, Elvir Kazazovic, stated that the handover of the object on Grbavica on the use to the Center Vladimir Nazor will take place on Friday. These are premises previously used by the First Private School “Isa Beg Ishakovic”, and the Municipal Council of Novo Sarajevo adopted the decision to give it on use for the purposes of working with children with developmental delays, in accordance with the education system EDUS.

In the premises of this center will be organized a kindergarten for children with developmental delays, and they will work according to the EDUS program, which is created for early intervention in children.

“A total of 60 children will be accommodated in this facility, with additional possibility for expansion in case of an increase in their number, and they will be educated in accordance with the EDUS program,” stated Minister Kazazovic.

“Our goal is that all children with developmental delays, except for some severe cases of intellectual difficulties, attend regular classes and we want to give our contribution in case of early intervention that was recognized by the Association EDUS. They are preschool children, and a lot can be done when it comes to their development. The handover of this object represents one step further towards that goal,” noted Kazazovic.

From the Parents Council in EDUS stated that it is encouraging that the Municipal Council of Novo Sarajevo voted for handing over the facility to the use of Center Vladimir Nazor.

“Every day can mean a progress for our children and that is why each of those ‘lost’ days is painful for us. We urge them once again to seriously understand our concerns as well as their work, and to provide everything necessary for the development and education of all children,” as noted from the EDUS.

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