Dance choreography ”On your honey lips” at SARTR

Tonight, at 8 p.m., at Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR), as a part of festival Sarajevo Winter, the audience will have the opportunity to see choreography ”On your honey lips” by Francesca Selva Dance Company.

The choreography starts with video projection of staccato movement of a dove an finishes with drops of water, and in between young dancers of Compagnia Francesca Selva will lead you to a travel through existence.

The choreography is original; gestures and movements mutate and change before they become a cliché. This company, based in Siena won the Florence Fringe Award for this piece.

Francesca Selva studied at the National Academy of Dance in Rome and at the Ballet School of Teatro alla Scala in Milan under the guidance of  L.Dobrievich, perfecting her technique in Paris where she worked with Raymond Franchetti, Solange Golovin, Gilbert Mayer, Andrei Glegolsky, Rudy Bryans in Cannes with Rosella Hightower, José Ferran, Patricia Neary. She organized concerts and master classes in Europe, America and Japan.

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