Denis Bećirović talked to the Ambassador of Greece in B&H

The Deputy President of the House of Representatives of B&H, Denis Bećirović talked to the Ambassador of Greece in B&H Karlos Gadis about the collaboration of these two countries.

They have concluded that the improvement of relations is their mutual strategic interest. They have also talked about the friendly relations between B&H and Greece and the fortunate absence of open and current issues.

More space was created in the field of economy which should improve and make progress in the organization of business forums that could gather businessmen from B&H and Greece together. In that way, the economic welfare could be achieved through a direct airline that would connect Sarajevo and Athens in the future.

Ambassador Gadis said that Greece will be presiding the European Union in the first half of 2014,  and that  it will be a great opportunity to improve the processes of expansion of the EU to the countries of the Western Balkans. With this significant help and according to the Ambassador of Greece, Greece is ready to offer their support to B&H on its way to NATO and EU.


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