Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at Consultations in Brussels

Ana_Trisic_Babic-1The BiH Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Commission for NATO integration process in BiH Ana Trišić-Babić spoke yesterday in Brussels with the Head of the Mission of Turkey to NATO Haydar Berk and the Special Representative of the General Secretary of NATO for Women, Peace and Security Mari Skare.

Berk spoke to Deputy Minister Trišić-Babić on the activities of the Turkish Embassy in Sarajevo as NATO contact point, and the activities of the Mission of Turkey to the NATO General Headquarters, adding that Turkey supports BiH on its NATO integration path.

The Turkish Embassy continues to focus on its activities on public diplomacy and in accordance to the active participation in preparations of the visits by NATO senior officials.

At the meeting with the Special Representative of the NATO General Secretary Mari Skare Deputy Minister Trišić-Babić expressed satisfaction for her visit to BiH at the beginning of the month, and spoke to Skare about the planned activities in BiH in improving the rights of women in armed conflicts and in the sector of security.

She pointed out that the Commission for the NATO integration process in BiH wishes to be profiled as a promoter of these values, and continues to find partners in BiH and in the region for the organization of discussions and workshops on this topic.

The public discussion on implementing the Resolution of the Security Council of the UN 1325, which regulates this this, is a part of a wider public discussion on NATO integration process in BiH.

Above all, the Commission seeks to contribute to a better understanding of this issue. As well as general issues of NATO integration, and to be a promoter of quality and and reasoned public debate in BiH.

Special Representative Mari Skare said that the question of the role of women in the area of security and armed conflicts in NATO is taken very seriously, as evidenced by a number of activities that the Alliance undertakes in this area, and expressed hope that this issue will be the focus in BiH in the reform processes on the road to Euro Atlantic integration.

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