Disagreements between the Opposition in Republika Srpska


Frequent clashes between DNS leader and PDP and SDS officials have culminated in recent days. Is a split in the opposition in the Republika Srpska (RS) imminent, or is the division of candidate functions within the opposition in the upcoming elections reason for the intolerance?

”It is absolutely unacceptable that Nenad Nesic attributes the defeat in Prijedor to SDS and PDP. He is even less competent to criticize the most honest man of all opposition politicians, Nebojsa Vukanovic, ” PDP Vice President Jelena Trivic wrote on her Facebook profile.

“I no longer have any doubts about Nenad Nesic, except whether he is attacking the opposition on the orders of Milorad Dodik, with whom he chats very kindly on the phone, or on the orders of an opposition politician, prone to manipulation,” said Jelena Trivic, PDP Vice President.

The leader of the DNS expects that the reason of the presidents of the SDS and PDP will prevail and that they will attend the meeting of the opposition on December 24th at the headquarters of the DNS in Banja Luka. He noted that he believes in the unity and sincere intentions of the opposition to end the rule of Milorad Dodik.

“I don’t know which of the truths I told my opposition colleagues angered Jelena Trivic to join the disqualifications that Nebojsa Vukanovic has used so far. I really don’t know, maybe she sees me as her competitor,” stated Nenad Nesic, DNS president.

Vukanovic pointed out that Nesic has sued him four times in the past month, although he often came to Prijedor to support the DNS candidate for mayor, which, as he says, is unprecedented hypocrisy.

“There is no cooperation with Nesic because I am sure that he was included in the opposition ranks in order to work on destabilization and blackmail. There are no conflicts within the opposition, there are different opinions, but the cause of all conflicts is one man – Nenad Nesic, ” told Nebojsa Vukanovic, SDS deputy in the National Assembly of RS (NARS).

Conflicts between Trivic, Nesic, and Vukanovic have escalated due to the opposition’s announcement that the candidates for the next elections will be known by the end of the year, according to journalist Zeljko Svitlica.

“Local elections in Prijedor were a test of relations in the opposition regarding the relations between the old opposition parties and the DNS. It seems to me that the DNS was left alone on its field to show how much strength they really have and that this will be one of the factors on the basis of which the opposition will decide, ” stated Zeljko Svitlica, journalist of the “Mondo” portal.

Although the official confirmation has not arrived yet, it can be heard more often in public that the opposition candidate for the presidency of RS could be Jelena Trivic and potential candidates for the member of the Presidency of BiH Mirko Sarovic or Milan Milicevic from SDS. Nesic is seeking the position of RS prime minister to support joint opposition candidates.


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