Dodik: I will never give Approval for anyone’s Military Troops to come to BiH

Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the ranks of the Serbian people, said that he would never, while in the Presidency of BiH, give consent for anyone’s military troops to come to BiH.

If Bakir Izetbegovic thinks that the relationship between the representatives of the constituent peoples should be regulated by military forces, Dodik believes that this is weird thinking.

“The EUFOR commander mentioned the best measure when he spoke about it about 20 days ago and said that the security situation was good and that there was no need to expand the troops. It tells all about their ambitions. I have no problem with 100.000 NATO soldiers coming here if they want to,” Dodik told reporters in Jahorina.

But, he added, what is necessary to do before that is to obtain the consent of the competent authorities, and the competent authority for that is the BiH Presidency.

“I am still sitting in that Presidency and I will never give my approval for anyone, neither NATO, nor Russian, nor anyone else’s troops to come here. Therefore, if he thinks that it is destiny and that relations between us, the representatives of the constituent peoples, should be regulated by military troops, it is ridiculous. I need to say that we will continue to deal with politics in such circumstances and our policy is clear, respect the Constitution,” Dodik said.

Dodik emphasized that all “the whole problem and the disorder created in BiH were caused by four unnamed foreigners”.

“Some high representatives and three judges of the Constitutional Court have continuously sown this mess and I do not know how they will clean it up. As far as we are concerned, Republika Srpska (RS) is literally reading the Constitution and is ready to act in accordance with it. We do not touch anything that is provided by the Constitution for BiH, the original text of the Constitution. We support it and will find ourselves in decision-making positions the moment these arrogant foreigners, who are trying to bring order here with different speculations, remove the mess made by Valentin Inzko and enable BiH to function, said Dodik.

He added that he would then return to BiH institutions and decide on important matters there.

“They have been told that a hundred times, and we will say it again,” noted Dodik.


Source: bhrt

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