Do You know a Mystery about Lake ‘Nula’? (video)

Lake Smreka, which is better known as “Nula” among the residents of Vares, was created on the surface pit of the mine in Vares during the war in BiH.

This lake is about 500 meters long and 300 meters wide, and its depth is somewhere around 100 meters, and all the visitors admire it because of its mysticism and unusual characteristics.

The mystery of this lake is especially interesting, because it was created thanks to a small stream, which managed to fill the surface pit with groundwater and close the surface completely.

A small lake existed in that place even before, but when the mine was in function, the water was pumped out. However, the level of water got increased during the war, and numerous machines remained “captured” under this lake, and there are numerous others mysteries about this lake.

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