Do you know the Story of Marijin Dvor and August Braun? (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Marijin Dvor is Sarajevo neighborhood that was named after the palace which was built between today’s four street, Marsala Tita Street, Kralja Tvrtka Street, Augusta Brauna Street and Doline.

Today, this palace is national monument of BiH. Austrian entrepreneur August Braun built it and called the palace after his wife Marija, and the building was designed by Czech architect Karel Parik.

The building is actually consisted of two parts, Marija’s palace, and August’s palace, so it was built on two occasions: in 1885 and 1895. Marija’s palace was built by the end, while August’s palace remained partially finished, at Kralja Tvrtka Street, from number 10 to number 16. That partially completion of the building took place in 1897.

The building Marijin Dvor (Marienhof) is the most significant example of the palace in Sarajevo and it was built in stages, between 1885 and 1899. This building was built as a residential and commercial two-floor house in the form of closed block. After completion of works, at the turn from the IX to XX century, this building was the largest residential building in Sarajevo.

Palace were not characteristic for residential construction of the first 20 years of the Austro-Hungarian period. It is assumed that the palace was built as an experimental building, Musterhaus, by industrialist August Braun. All the palace in Sarajevo, with the exception of Marija’s palace, were built only during the secession in the city.

Industrialist and large building contractor August Braun, after the construction of the first phase of the palace Marijin Dvor (block towards Titova Street), accepted the ambitious task of making the Regulatory plan of the entire area in 1895. According to the regulation plan, the same contractor, besides the palace Marijin Dvor, built most of the buildings in Kralja Tvrtka Street.

However, there is another romantic story about Braun. It is a known fact that Brown was engraving his own initials A B in the brick.

After he fell in love with Marija, his future wife, besides his initials, they say, he was engraving hearts in brick as well. With this kind of bricks, Braun built one of the largest and most beautiful buildings in Sarajevo for her, that he named Marija’s Palace (Marijin Dvor), according to which even today that part of the city has the name of Marija: Marijin Dvor.

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