Dodik: I would never sacrifice Peace for RS, all Activities are political and legal

Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the ranks of the Serb people, stressedin an interview with agency Srna that he always said that he would not sacrifice peace for the Republika Srpska (RS), emphasizing that all activities undertaken by the RS are political and legal and that they will not go beyond that.

“I have said before that I would not sacrifice peace for the RS, especially not if we all know what happened when Alija Izetbegovic sacrificed peace for BiH. We are not asking for anything we are not entitled to. Everything that belongs to BiH according to the Constitution will stay like that and we will respect that. Everything that is not within the competence of BiH according to the Constitution will have to be returned to the RS,” Dodik said.

Asked to comment on the statement of SDS President, Mirko Sarovic that they are also in favor of returning competencies to the RS, but through the BiH Parliament, Dodik told that he could not be more surprised by those words.

“Does he think that it could have been done that we would not have done it already? Bosniaks do not want to negotiate or discuss any authority given to them after they kidnapped it from RS. Didn’t the famous structural dialogue on justice show that they did not want to talk about anything less? We were ready to legalize the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH but to clearly prescribe their competencies that would not interfere with the entity. It was not suitable either. Then who should we talk to and about what? It is best for everyone in BiH that we return to the factory settings, ” Dodik explained.

He emphasized that four foreigners, three judges of the BiH Constitutional Court, and HR, none of whom were elected in BiH, decide on our lives, noting that it cannot be seen anywherein the world.

“I do not want to live in such a state, nor do I want to be held accountable and see how others make the decisions. I think that the majority of RS citizens do not want that, and that is why I believe it is best not only for RS but also for others in BiH to go back to the beginning because if that Constitution, which was created in 1995, had not been appropriate, it would not have been able to stop the war, ” Dodik pointed out.

If that Constitution stopped the war, Dodik added, then it was the best measure of living together, so it could stop this illegal and anti-constitutional madness that is happening now.


Source: BHRT

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