Dodik: The situation in BiH has been brought to a complete absurdity

The BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said at a news conference in East Sarajevo today that the situation in BiH has been brought to a complete absurdity, “because two of the three constituent peoples do not support the direction it is heading towards the way Bosniaks envisioned it.”

“Two of the three constituent peoples do not support the direction BiH is heading towards in the way that Bosniaks have envisioned it. They would like to elect representatives for the Croats, and they would like to take forests, land, and all the rights from the Serbs, and they would like for us to applaud them. The Bosniak side started all this persecution because it did not have answers to the questions of Republika Srpska about the violation of the Dayton Agreement. They are claiming it is their right to defend BiH, and we think we are defending Republika Srpska and BiH, referring to the word of the Dayton Agreement and the word of the Constitution of BiH,” said Dodik, Fena news agency writes.

He underlined that “BiH is not what the Muslim political views of BiH want it to be.”

“BiH is the letter of the Constitution and the Dayton Agreement, and not an opinion that is trying to be imposed in an orchestrated way,” says Dodik.

He stressed that “BiH must normalize relations with Serbia, Croatia and other countries.”

He also stated that the Intelligence and Security Agency (OSA) of BiH has been placed under the complete control of Bosniaks.

“Within the centers of the intelligence community in Sarajevo, the Intelligence Agency of BiH is completely under the control of the Muslim side. It has placed Republika Srpska and Serbia under serious intelligence treatment, to monitor each of the officials and each of the responsible persons. The intelligence service works by operationally monitoring everything, trying to criminalize individuals and companies in the RS,” said Dodik.

He emphasized that the existence of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is not in accordance with the Constitution and the Dayton Agreement and that they were created by the imposition by the High Representative.

“We must not leave the fate of Republika Srpska to such a Court and Prosecutor’s Office,” stated Dodik.

He announced that “the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Republika Srpska will be marked.”

“We plan to hold an event on that occasion. I call on all citizens to display the flags of Republika Srpska in all visible places, on their houses, balconies, vehicles,” Dodik said at today’s press conference.

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