Enjoy in the Sunny October Weekend

sunny octoberWe can expect sunny weather an temperatures up to 26 degrees during the weekend and on Monday, and a weak rain is possible in certain areas of B&H.

Federal Hydrometeorogical institute announced that today’s weather was moderate cloudy, with sunny periods during the day, and a weak rain is expected in several areas of the country. The highest possible temperature was 20, up to 26 degrees at the south.

Similar temperatures are expected on Sunday, with a little more clouds. The highest daily temperatures will be from 17 to 23 degrees, up to 26 degrees at the south.

When it comes to Monday, weather will be moderate cloudy with sunny periods. Fog or low cloudiness is possible in valleys and along river streams. Temperatures will be similar those from the previous two days.

(Source: klix.ba)

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