Equipping the Bureau of Youth Employment in Doboj and Novo Sarajevo

640x480_scale_thumb_70226591367139624In the Agency for Labor and Employment of BiH in Sarajevo, the Germany Consulting Company GOPA in Sarajevo signed today an agreement with the Employment Agency of the RS and the Employment Services of Sarajevo Canton as part of the realization of activities “Development of Sample Bureau” project of youth employment (YEP).

YEP, a Swiss project of youth employment, in cooperation with public employment service institutions in Sarajevo Canton and the Employment Services of the RS are developing two sample offices in Doboj and Novo Sarajevo.

With today’s agreement, GOPA allocated 100.000 KM to each.

The goal of activities is the reform of the employment department, or its changes in the physical sense (renovation and technical equipment) with a focus on changing work practices.

This approach involves working with the staff of the bureau for employment on changes in organizational structure, focusing on a philosophy of work on users of the services (employers and unemployed), orientation on the effects of labor and improving working practices and changing the physical environment and infrastructure.

The employment services will actively work to identify the needs of employers, develop advisory services to quickly integrate unemployed people into the labor market and monitor the effects of work to justify the investment of public money.

The employment services have to be accepted as a competent partner in resolving problems in the labor market, said the BiH Agency for Labor and Employment.

Improving one bureau only is meaningless if the concept of expanding the model through the system is not established.

The sample bureau represents a physical model that would inspire change. The expansion of the concept will be achieved by the exchange of good practices between the bureau/office for employment throughout Canton Sarajevo, the FBiH and the RS, according to the statement.

The YEP project is being implemented by Company GOPA mbH with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

(Source: klix.ba)

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