Ethno Village near Sarajevo: A Fairytale in the Spirit of Bosnian Tradition

On a picturesque plateau Nisici, which represents a specific environment with its beauty and green landscapes, not far from Srednji towards Tuzla,  wooden signposts and gravel road lead to the oasis of peace that in its appearance and position appears to be “torn away” from the world.

From the distance, the Ethno Village Begovo to each visitor appears like a unique Bosnian kasaba (township), bordered by rustic wooden fence, and by opening the door one steps into the world of antiques, memories and Bosnian past.

After decades of collecting antiques related to the cultural and historical heritage of B&H, the owner of the ethno village Mirsad Niksic recalls that nearly nine years ago an idea was born – to build a village which now extends to 30 dunums of land. The plan is to expand the capacities, since 200.000 square meters of land are owned by the family Niksic.

The old cobblestone road connects a dozen of Bosnian houses built with traditional materials and techniques which have been used several hundreds of years ago.

This is supported by the carefully displayed exhibits along the stairs, belonging to the ancient times and showing that people used to improvise the first tools to build their homes. That the beauty of this area appears unreal is also illustrated by the fact that most visitors of this place believe that this village was situated at this location hundreds of years ago.

The most authentic building in the village is certainly the small village mosque of almost 12 square meters, with the wooden minaret to which the stone stairs lead.  After the old plates with the names of the addresses and postal numbers were replaced in Sarajevo, the owner of the village collected them and organized them along the streets in the ethno village.

The houses are fairy-tale-like, and the visitors can enjoy the unique peace disturbed only by the singing of the birds in the nearby pine forest. The forest, just like the village, hides the richness of wildlife where numerous species of birds, bear, fox, deer etc. found their habitat.

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