EU Allocates 41.9 Million Euros for B&H

ipa_fondThe European Commission adopted today the National Program for B&H for 2013 within instruments of pre-accession assistance (IPA).

Funds in the amount of 41.9 million euros are available. This is 45 million euros less than was initially planned.

Considering that B&H has stalled in regards to the EU integration processes, the European commission could not approve the full amount of funds of pre-accession assistance for this country. Unlike development assistance, IPA is specifically designed to help countries implement their pre-accession reforms. The program is focused on the projects for which B&H citizens will have a direct benefit.

With 41.9 million euros allocated for B&H this year, another 16.4 million euros have been given for the programs of refugees, education and civil society.

(Source: Fena)

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