Exhibition by BH Artist Safet Zec opened in Rome

On Wednesday, an exhibition of the great Bosnian-Herzegovinian artist Safet Zec was opened in Rome, and the opening ceremony was attended by the president of the Migrantes Guerino di Tora Foundation, the rector of Massimo Nevola church, Giandomenico Romanelli, curator of the exhibition and mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

The exhibition was organized by Patricia De Micheli, and Deputy Mayor Ivica Saric attended as well, news portal reports.

“The Exodus” painting features 17 specially stored large paper on canvas paintings, of which five are made of the great “One Sad Barge” devoted to refugees, unhappy people who “overflow” the Mediterranean in order to save themselves.

The exhibition has seen by tens of thousands of people in Venice several months ago, and the setting in Rome is an additional acknowledgment to this great artist.

On this occasion, Mayor Skaka emphasized the contribution of the master Zec, whose works represent national wealth and makes a good voice about Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole.


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