Exhibition Herta Muller “Enchanted Circle of Words”

Herta_MullerOn Wednesday, 16th April at 19:30, the Museum of Literature and Theater Art in cooperation with Goethe institute Bosnia-Herzegovina sent an invite to the opening of the exhibition made by Herta Müller called “Enchanted Circle of Words.”

The exhibition can be visited from 16th April until 13th May in Mak Gallery of the Museum of Literature and Theater Arts in Sarajevo.

With the exhibition, Goethe Institute wants to show the life and work of this Romanian-German writer and the Nobel Prize Award winner.

The exhibition is made in such a way that it starts with traces of her childhood in the German speaking village Nitchidorf of the Romanian Banat and finishes by the time she won the Nobel Prize. The documents and photographs from her family heritage are shown. In the TV interview she speaks about her time spent in Romania and Germany, about migration, about her writing, but also about things which inspire her. Moreover, there are words of companions also, for instance the ones from the “Action group Banat”.

The clips, so called “Securitatee writings”, that is the secret writings of the communist police in Romania, report about the rigorous and unfriendly political system. Collages made by Herta Müller were made during the end of the 1980’s and they represent the unknown facade of her artistic work.

(Source: Fena)


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