Exhibition of Photographs by American Photojournalist Ron Haviv to be opened in Prijedor


The exhibition of photographs by American photojournalist Ron Haviv named “Freedom” will premiere from February 22nd to 25th at Prijedor Hotel. The photographs bring to life moments of freedom, which were denied to prisoners in the camp.

Several unpublished photographs will also be on display.

Haviv will give his photographs to the Prijedor Foundation for the Building of a Culture of Remembrance, to testify to the time of war and be used in the future to educate young people.

Some of the photographs will be part of the permanent exhibition of the Prijedor Information and Documentation Center. “The author came to Prijedor in 1992 and at that time he made a number of photographs. His basic idea was to portray the moment when people welcome freedom and how important it is in life. The exhibition will feature 21 photographs and one panel with photographs. It will be our permanent exhibit and will remain in Prijedor after the presentation cycle,” says Foundation President Edin Ramulic for Avaz news portal. The exhibition will be opened on Saturday at 5pm and will be staged in many cities across Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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