Factory worth 4.5 million EUR in Srebrenica nearing Completion

12887327_1133791723338449_412579167_oConstruction of a plant covering 4.300 square meters in Vidikovac, the suburb of Srebrenica, is nearing completion. Operating in two shifts, this plant will have the annual production of 7.5 tons of French fries.

Investors of this factory, which is to employ 50 workers, are the company “Global Trade Gida Sanay” from Turkey, “Total Trade Internacional” from Serbia, and the private businessman Mirza Šahman from BiH. Owners of the majority of the capital are businessmen from Azerbaijan.

“Total investment amounts to 4.5 million EUR. We are currently short by ten percent of funds which are to be provided these days through a bank loan. The factory is established on a Japanese technology of frozen French fries and 70 percent of the production will be placed to the world market,” explained the technical director of this factory, Osman Agić.

It will take 15.000 tons of potatoes annually for the intended production of French fries in two shifts. In order to provide these amounts of potatoes, it is necessary to sow 500 hectares of land. The potato is being grown in BiH at a total surface area of 41 hectares with an annual yield of 387.000 tons. Therefore, apart from 50 employees, this company will also engage almost 60.000 subcontractors.

After the installation of Chinese equipment, it is currently being worked on the exterior of the factory and the construction of the ancillary facilities. With the aim of stimulating the cooperatives, companies and individuals to produce potato of satisfying quality, “Srebreničanka” undertook serious steps towards ensuring adequate planting materials, consequently providing sufficient amounts of potato for the French fries. A Center for Potato on Sokolac has been established, as well as cooperation with the Agricultural Institute from Banja Luka.


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