Federal Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Spoke With Delegation of World Bank

Prime Minister of the FBiH Nermin Nikšić and Federal Minister of Finance Ante Krajina received in Sarajevo the head of the World Bank Office Anabelle Abreu and the host of the program manager for the World Bank’s development policy (DPL) Abebea Adugnu.

The main topic of discussion was the evidence that until now was committed to the public sector in reform of the area of pension insurance and business environment for which the FBiH has been intensively working on in accordance with the suggestions of the World Bank.

Prime Minister Nikšić thanked the representatives of this financial institution for its cooperation, adding that, before all, all help to entity governments is also help for all of BiH.

‘’Strategy of reform of the pension system is in the stage of construction. We followed the guidelines of the World Bank, and spoke about it with our social partners at the last session of the economic-social council of the FBiH, and concluded that they needed more done. Of course, an action plan is important where next steps can be confirmed and deadlines to implement reforms. We are aware of the fact that it is a painful process and that it will cause some turbulence. However, we are committed to implement these reforms. The situation in this area needs to be solved, and the process takes time’’, said Nikšić.

“Regarding improving the business environment, we can be satisfied of what has been achieved until now, where we have excellent cooperation with the Council of Foreign Investors. Of the 370 necessary measures that are registered, we have solved around 70 percent’’, said Nikšić.

Abreu said that it is good that an action plan for its implementation is expected because, according to him, one does not go without the other.

Adugna said that these reforms cannot be implemented immediately and that it is a process that will last, and underlined that the Law on Favorable Pension has to be in accordance with the Strategy for reform of the pension system. Also, it is necessary to set deadlines for implementation of reforms. This process can be terminated by the end of the year.

They spoke about solving the problem of the binding of service workers, which features two segments. One is to solve the unpaid dues, and the other is to stop the unpaid salaries of workers.

They jointly stated that the process should continue, and that the Delegation of the Swedish Bank will do a new monitoring in order to meet all conditions for the realization of the arrangement in the sphere of the DPL program worth 100 million dollars.

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