First Conference ‘Open at Microsoft’ Held

Open at Microsoft 2013Today in the Sarajevo hotel ‘Sarajevo’ the first Microsoft Conference in B&H was held, which presented changes in this company regarding its contents, and concerning the increasing openness in relation to the open-source activities, process of opening access to data, and ways in which open-source technology works with Microsoft products.

‘’It gives me great pleasure to be in Sarajevo so I can share a message with you about how Microsoft is changing as a company that is becoming more open. We are working with open source communities and organizations for setting standards around the world, providing an opportunity for researchers and developers to have adequate flexibility to innovate with their favorite tools and development platforms. At the same time, we are investing in interoperability so that our users would have the opportunity to combine Microsoft and other technologies in a simple and efficient way. In this sense, our openness in the cloud is confirmed through enabling developers to develop their applications of Java, PHP, Drupal and other open source tools on our cloud platform’’, said Olga Petrikova, a representative of Microsoft CEE, who opened the conference.

At the first ‘Open at Microsoft’ conference, the topics of interoperability, Windows Azure Support for open-source projects and the use of open-source projects for the development of Windows Phone 8 Applications were discussed. This was an ideal opportunity to find out answers to questions such as: what is open data model, how to observe the model from a technical and legal perspective, best practices around the world on the topic of opening data, as well as the benefits of opening the data in an economic, political and organizational sense.

(Source: Press Service of the Microsoft Conference)

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