Food and Music Festive “Gasto Eko-Fest-Sarajlicious 2013” Began

Img-112201362919_VThe food and music festival of the 6th “Gastro Eko-fest – Sarajlicious 2013”, in organization of the NGO “Dio Scrca”, opened today in Sarajevo and will last until 28 April. The goal of the festival is to present BiH conditions for the production of healthy food.

There are more than 50 exhibitors from BIH and countries in the region that will participate in the fair, which represent small and medium size companies, and offering organic products, products from bees, medicinal herbs and products from fruits and vegetables.

The slogan of the festival is “Hrana sa Sevdahom”. Samira Katica-Arnautović from the Directorate of “Gastro Eko-festa” said that the manifestation has the intention to preserve traditional BiH food and hospitality.

During the festival, there will be a culinary manifestation where the best BiH chefs will participate. In addition to demonstrating contemporary developments in the culinary field, they will also demonstrate the making of traditional BiH dishes.

Katica-Arnautović announced a special attraction for the fair, which will be a program entitled “Dan ćevapčića”, where ćevabdžinice from Sarajevo will present their products and distribute them free of charge to visitors.

At the festival, there will be traditional food, drinks, music, dance, as well as traditional costumes, traditions and handicrafts from all over BiH.

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