For the Best Services to the Citizens: Financial Help to the Health Care Center

meeting6In the premises of the Municipality of Ilidza on the 11th of November 2015, the Municipality of Ilidza and the PE Health Center of Canton Sarajevo signed the Agreement on the intended use of funds for the purchase of dental chairs, furniture for pneumophysiological dispensary and cars for hygienic-epidemiological service of the Health Care Center Ilidza.

By this Agreement, the Municipality of Ilidza approved funding in the amount of 100,000 BAM from the budget for the purchase of equipment in order to improve working conditions in this institution. The agreement was signed by the Mayor of the Municipality Prof. Dr. Senaid Memic and Director of the Health Care Center of Sarajevo Canton Prim. Dr. Milan Miokovic.

“The municipality is continuously taking care of health care on Ilidza and financially supporting it in order to provide health care services as good as possible to our citizens. We wish that Health Care Center Ilidza has the very best conditions and to provide the best service possible for the citizens of our municipality. In the upcoming years, within our possibilities, we will support and invest in health care in Ilidza,” said the Mayor Memic in his address.

On this occasion, Director of the Health Care Center of Sarajevo Canton Milan Miokovic thanked to the Municipality of Ilidza and Mayor Memic for successful cooperation and continuous support for creation of favorable conditions in order to provide better quality of health care services in the area of the Municipality of Ilidza.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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