Bilino Polje Stadium ready for the First Match of the Play-off

stadium5On the eve before the first match of play-offs between national teams of B&H and Ireland, the final preparations are taking place on Bilino Polje Stadium.

Protective fences were set up and police officers and members of security agencies are securing the area around the stadium and the stadium itself where national team of Ireland will have their official training.

Lawn on Bilino Polje is in excellent condition, and workers who are responsible for its maintenance will do their best to remain that way.

Clear instructions are set in the changing rooms for both teams on exit to the field and other activities before to the start of the match.

Irish fans are still coming to Zenica, and few of them will be together with their national team at the Hotel Zenica.

Traffic regime in Zenica will be changed tomorrow, and the arrival of the first fans is expected in the afternoon hours.

Numerous restaurants took care of the public watching of the match and our fans will be certainly joined by the large number of fans of Ireland who are disappointed with the number of tickets that were reserved for them.

Anyways, we believe that Bilino Polje will bring luck Dragons this time again and that all concerns of head coach Mehmed Bazdarevic will be gone after the first match.


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