Formalized Club of Female Parliamentarians in FBiH House of Representatives

KlubParlamentarkiFBiH_642230701-1The adoption of the Club of Female Parliamentarians was formalized with the special conclusion at today’s session of the House of Representatives of the FBiH in Sarajevo.

The goal of the club is through activities of advocacy, empowerment and networking with stakeholders contribute to the status of women in BiH.

The female parliamentarians will, in cooperation with other clubs and working bodies in Parliament work on the creation, adoption and oversight of legislation in all areas of special public interest to women.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Fehim Škaljić congratulated them today and said that they, even if they belong to different parties, have succeeded in overcoming political differences in this way and are working on improving society by forming a joint club as an official parliamentary body with all the grounds of jurisdiction and rights.

They agreed earlier on an action plan and defined topics of importance for women on which they will work.

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