Four Medals For Young Taekwondoists from B&H in Konya

konya_rumi_The Taekwondo team from B&H in the youngest category won four medals, one gold and three bronze, at the international Taekwondo championship ‘4. Rumi Child’s Games’ in Konya, Turkey, announced the B&H Taekwondo Association.

The brightest medals were won by Kristina Lazarević (category up to 44 kg), who beta the current European championship from Germany in the finals, while Milica Karanović (up to 47 kg), Amina Grahić (up to 33 kg) and David Cvijanikić (up to 45 kg) won bronze medals.

The colors of B&H in Turkey were defended by Ajla Reızbegovıć, Ivana Todorovıć, Sadmır Hebıbovıć, Nedžad Husıć, Rıjad Muharemovıć and Adnan Haračıć.

The coaching team for B&H was made up of President Ahmet Dilek, and Goran Teofilović and Haris Husić.

‘Rumi Child’s Games’ is a children’s holiday that is marked with competitions in 13 sports with the participation of around 1400 athletes from 31 countries.

(Source: Fena)

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