Fule: Protocol a Huge Step in Strengthening Regional Cooperation

The Commissioner of the European Union for Enlargement Stefan Fule welcomed the Protocol on cooperation and transfer of evidence for war crimes that was signed yesterday in Brussels by the Serbian Prosecutor for War Crimes Vladimir Vukčević and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor for BiH Jadranka Lokmić-Misirača.

‘’The signature of BiH and Serbia to the protocol on cooperation and transfer of evidence for war crimes is a huge step in strengthening regional cooperation’’, wrote Fule on his Twitter profile.

The Minister of Justice of BiH, Bariša Čolak, expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the protocol, and believes that it will prevent illegal warrants and arrests of BiH citizens, which in the past caused enormous problems in BiH-Serbia relations.

The protocol defines the exchange of information and evidence according to the voluntary principle in war crimes cases.

The protocol will make possible the exchange of information and cooperation in investigation. It will also allow the suspects to be prosecuted for crimes for which they tried to evade by hiding behind the inability of their countries to extradite their citizens to neighboring countries.

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