Galic-Cikotic: It is necessary to protect the Eastern Border of BiH before the Migrant Wave

Zoran Galic, the director of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), held a meeting with Selmo Cikotic, the Minister of Security, and his associates, on the occasion of the preparations for the new wave of migrants that is expected soon.

The situation at the state border and measures that need to be taken regarding illegal migration, with an emphasis on the eastern border, where the migratory pressure is greatest, and Una-Sana Canton (USC), where most migrants are located, were discussed at this meeting.

While speaking about the activities carried out by the Border Police in the fight against illegal migration, Galic said that all the capacities of the Border Police are maximally focused on the protection of the state border.

“Our greatest issue is still the lack of staff, so we are trying to compensate this by redeployment and internal relocation to the eastern and northeastern part of the border, so the members of other police agencies have been hired, as it was the case before, to help the Border Police. In addition to all other problems, we have the situation with the COVID-19 virus, so there have never been more challenges for the Border Police than in previous years, ” told Galic and thanked Minister Cikotic, who was engaged to find funds for the Border Police.

Minister Cikotic emphasized that the BiH Border Police has the full support of the Ministry of Security and that they have made maximum efforts to procure material and technical resources and increase human capacity in the Border Police.

Galic and Cikotic concluded that the Border Police of BiH is making maximum efforts to protect the state border, and presented the activities that the Border Police is implementing and will continue to implement in the following period.

The positions regarding the procurement of material and technical resources and the increase of staff have been coordinated, on which the Ministry of Security of BiH is working on, as stated in the announcement of the Border Police of BiH.


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