Get an IT Certificate, You Won’t Regret it

laptopThe statistics in the last few years witness about IT certificates as being crucial in getting a job.

The research made by the website and the SolarWinds Company among executive managers showed that even 60 % of examinees claims that this certificate helps greatly to get a job.

On the other side, even 64 % of managers for employment finds them to be very important – was proven by the recent research made by the CompTIA.

How to choose the right certificate?

In order to choose the right one, you should take a look at a wider image. Certificates for program languages which are most wanted at the market are certainly a good choice.

For example, the PHP program language served to make more than 240 million of pages. Believe it or not, in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is only five Zend certified PHP experts. Cloud applications are also written with the help of this language. It is obvious what great opportunities for the PHP experts are opened by this ZEND certificate.

It often happens that one certain certificate is a vital condition to get a certain job. Microsoft Windows is used by 1,5 billion of people across the world. Microsoft certificates cover different fields among which of course those needed in the most popular jobs of our modern time – programming and network administration.

The need for mobile applications is constantly growing. ATC certificates for developers are a ticket to enter the world of Android programming. The Android operative system is present on around 70 % of mobile devices in the world while the number of registered Android users on Google passes 1 billion. Still, this profession is yet new so this certificate can also be your good choice.

(Source: Klix)

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