Getting Closer to NATO: B&H getting the Green Light in June

x52007.jpg.pagespeed.ic.thDtXuO376B&H should get the green light on the NATO summit that will be held next June in Warsaw, in order to activate the Action Plan for the NATO membership, even if Republika Srpska continues to refuse the registration of perspective immovable military property to the state of B&H.

With this move, the member states of the Alliance wanted to give a clear signal to B&H that the NATO’s door are wide open for her, regardless of the position of  Republika Srpska.

The initiative will be launched in the NATO Alliance, similarly to the British-German initiative which unblocked the activation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, and established a new approach to the conditions for the membership in the European Union, as confirmed by several sources.

In practice, this would mean that the MAP would be activated by finalization of registration of the prospective immovable military property in FB&H, where from a total of 63 such sites, 40 of them are held there, and 23 of them have been registered so far.

It will be insisted on registering this property in the RS as well, where so far, none of the 23 sites has not been registered on the state of B&H, whose government emphasizes the fact that they will not allow it in the future as well.

Therefore, it is expected that, in order to strengthen their own interests, NATO members could support the activation of MAP B&H, and thereby undo the effects of Russia’s policy on the RS, which directly blocks the membership of B&H in NATO, reports Pravda.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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