Good People fulfilled the greatest Wish of a Bosnian Boy

Radio Free Europe (RSE) published a story about the life of a grandmother and her grandson in the village Grabovicka Rijeka near Bratunac in mid-May.

Nine-year-old Milenko Pavlovic lost his father and his mother left him. He does all the house and garden work. His grandma Stamena teaches him how to dig, sow, mow, and do all the other tasks that are usually done by adults.

He is good in school, has his boyish wishes and is a very good kid, said his grandma.

Many people from all over BiH and abroad heard this story and came to help this grandmother and her grandson. They said that many of them are calling from abroad and they are grateful to them because they fulfilled some of the greatest wishes of little Milenko.

“My name is Mico, I am attending third class in the school. I live here with my grandmother… My peers have both parents, and I have none. That is very difficult,” said this boy.

He said that he had only one wish.

“I have a bike, a nice man brought it to me, but I would love to have a lawn mower. I mow here a lot. I use scythe for mowing, and my peers do not even know what the scythe is. They are not allowed to take the scythe in their hands,” said Milenko.

Good people from Sarajevo decided to fulfil one the greatest wishes of Milenko, stated his grandmother.

“Yes, they brought him a lawn mower, the one that mows around the house by using electricity. They said that they are from Sarajevo, and I believe that they are those who bring food to Potocari. Thank you very much, Mico was so happy, he already mowed everything around the house, there is no more grass,” said grandma Stamena.

There are those who already sent and brought their gifts, and there will be more of them in the upcoming period, according to grandma Stamena.

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