Measures for Clean Air: Movement of Freight Vehicles temporarily prohibited in Sarajevo

Given that the levels of harmful particles in the air increased, the Sarajevo Canton Government has decided to temporarily prohibit the movement of freight vehicles from Bascarsija to Nedzarici and traffic signs have already been installed on most parts.

As stated by the Direction for Roads of Canton Sarajevo, traffic signs that are installed are an integral part of the intervention measures in cases of excessive air pollution in Sarajevo Canton.

“Specifically, this is a measure of traffic bans for freight vehicles with a maximum permissible mass greater than 3.5 tons on the main city road from Bascarsija to Nezdarici, with the redirection of traffic to alternative roads. Technical regulation of traffic during the ban will be provided with temporary traffic signaling and equipment, signs and orders issued by authorized police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior,” was stated from the Directorate.

The previously stated ban does not apply to public transport vehicles, public utility companies, emergency response vehicles and food vehicle delivery vehicles.

The signing consent was issued by the Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo, and the work was done by KJKP Rad officials. Up to now, 24 signs have been set on the main road.

The rest of the signs will be set from Skenderija to Bascarsija in the following period.

After more than a month the air in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina had constantly high concentrations of harmful substances, according to the Federal Meteorological Institute survey, the air in Sarajevo was cleaner this morning.

The measuring instruments of the Federal Meteorological Institute measured the highest concentration of PM10 particles in Bjelave and it was 18 micrograms per cubic meter, followed by Otoka with 15 and Ilidza with 14.

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