Goražde: Fire extinguished with the Armed Forces Help

trebinje fire

Thanks to joint efforts of the members of B&H Armed Forces, firemen from Goražde, Civil Service and workers of PC Bosnian-Podrinje Forests, the fire at Berič were extinguished. They were helped by the citizens who came after ten hours of struggle with the blaze.

“The fire in the local community Berič which belongs to Goražde, was extinguished with the support of a military helicopter. The situation at the site was extremely difficult considering that the fire was close to the clinic building in Berič. It first engulfed grass and low vegetation and was carried by the wind spreading it to the pinewood in the zone for15 kilometers. It engulfed almost 10 acres of land“, as Muhamed Ramović, the Mayor of Goražde Municipality said.

Reactions also came from the BPC Cantonal Administration of Civil Service and the Civil Service of Goražde. They demanded the helicopter  get engaged, so the helicopter and 38 members of Armed Forces of B&H were able to take part in the fire extinguishing.

The helicopter managed to extinguish the fire in seven interventions, helping to put the current situation under control and prevent the spread of the fire.

“According to the unofficial data, the cause of the fire is a human intervention, or to be more precise it was lighting candles at the tomb“, the mayor Ramović said. He added that they will have more details about this case after an investigation.

(Source: klix.ba)

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