The Government invests 9.2 Million BAM: 500 Jobs opened for the Citizens of CS

The Government of Canton Sarajevo (CS), at the last, 111th regular session, adopted a Proposal for a program of incentives for employment, which will provide employment opportunities for 500 unemployed citizens in the coming period.

More specifically, it is a Proposal for the program of Amendments to the Program of incentives for employment and maintenance of high employment rates in the CS, which enabled for the first time employment of at least 70 doctors of medicine who are currently unemployed.

According to these amendments, the implementation of five separate programs will be funded: the “Opportunity for All” co-funding employment program with 1.440.000 BAM, the “150+” co-funding program for the employment of assistant professors at 2.340.000 BAM, IT programmer training program with 1.099.000 BAM, the Program for training and retraining of unemployed persons for a well-known employer with 72.215 BAM, and for the first time the Program for the co-financing for the employment of doctors of medicine from the records of unemployed in CS, for which funds in the amount of 1.092.000 BAM were allocated.

With these measures, about 500 unemployed people from the records will get employment, and at least 100 people will be trained and requalified for IT programmers.

The Financial Plan for Revenues and Expenditures of the Public Institution “The Employment Service of CS” has determined the amount of  9.239.615 BAM for the implementation of all incentive measures of employment for the previous year.

Apart from that, these incentive measures of employment represent the overall activities of the CS Government, are aimed at encouraging employment in the CS, and are in line with the policy and strategy of the technical and technological development of the economy. They are established with an aim of improving the labor market, reducing unemployment and providing the required staff in accordance with the requirements of the employers or business development plans in Canton.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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