Government of Canton Sarajevo to pay Subsidies for Heating to most vulnerable Families

There are 498 most vulnerable families that receive the permanent financial assistance in Sarajevo Canton and are now eligible for a heating subsidy five months a year.

The amount which they will receive is 90 BAM per month during the heating season, in November, December, January, February and March.

Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees of Canton Sarajevo Malik Garibija reminded that last year the right to a heating subsidy amounted to an average of 870 families and individuals in a state of social need, and with new users, this number will increase to some 1,370 households.

Heating costs subsidies will be allocated for central heating, natural gas and other heating, and will be paid directly to the public company, while for other types of heating they are paid to the user according to the fiscal receipt.

The right to subsidize has so far been fulfilled by individuals and families whose income per household member does not exceed 70 BAM, pensioners who live alone and receive less than 160 BAM, two-member families whose salaries do not exceed 220 BAM, as well as persons with paraplegia.

One of the additional condition is that the apartment or houses in which families live is not larger than 44m2.


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