Government of FB&H – For Industry Modernization 7.2 million KM

Vlada_FederacijeThe Government of Federation today at a meeting in Mostar decided on approval for funds expenditures program from the current year’s budget of the FB&H, Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry in “Lending and participation in stock Other domestic borrowingin the amount of 7.200.000 KM.

The aim of the program is to contribute to the progressive strategic realization of the objectives of the document “Developing industrial policy in Federation” and among the expected effects are the developments of new and significant enhancements of the existing products and materials, production processes or services.

On the basis of the program, the funds will be for metal, electrical and automotive industries (1,100,000 KM), construction (1,000,000 KM), manufacture of textiles, leather and footwear (1.3 million KM), wood and paper (1,000,000 KM ), chemical industry, rubber and plastic (800,000 KM) and dedicated (800,000 KM) and food industry (200,000 KM).

Of the total amount of available funds for the modernization of the technological process is envisaged 6.200.000 KM, while the remaining one million KM is intended for borrowing to finance payments for PIO, rehabilitation mortgages, regulation of social status and preservation of existing jobs.

(Source: Fena)


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