Government of FBiH: Energopetrol, Energoinvest, FDS to be sold?

energoinvestThe privatization plan of FBiH in this year includes the following economy societies: Energopetrol JSC Sarajevo, Energoinvest JSC Sarajevo, Aluminij JSC Mostar, Tobacco Factory Sarajevo JSC Sarajevo, and the Sarajevo osiguranje JSC Sarajevo, it was stated from the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of FBiH Fadil Novalić.

As a reminder, at the session held on January 14, the Government of FBiH gave consent for the Work Program of the Agency for Privatization of FBiH which includes the abovementioned Privatization Plan for 2016.

“When it comes to privatization in the case of Energoinvest, the Agency for Privatization defined the need for previous financial consolidation and restructuring, before a proposal of the method of privatization of this economic society is given. Activities on situation monitoring and defining of restructuring measures have already been launched by the economic society itself, as well as by the relevant ministry,” it was stated.

The privatization plan for 2016 does not include the privatization of BH Telecom JSC Sarajevo and Hrvatske komukinacije JSC Mostar, but activities of preparing and defining possible ways of privatizing are being planned.

After the completion of activities on extensive assessment of situation in Energoinvest, which is expected to happen at the beginning of next month, further analysis will be launched by the relevant ministry and the Agency for Privatization, so that a proposal of further measures is made and adequate solutions and the method of privatization are defined.


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