Great Recognition for B&H: Amer Bukvic received OIC Award for the Improvement

Amer Bukvic Award faktor.baAmer Bukvić, the Director General of the BBI Bank, is the winner of the prestigious world award “The Jewels of Muslim World Award 2015” for the improvement of Islamic finances and economy.

The award is presented to prominent individuals who contributed to the development of society through work in their field of activity. The award was presented to Bukvić at the official ceremony organized in Kuala Lumpur on October 27, 2015.

“This prestigious award of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is awarded by OIC ‘Today Magazine’ in an attempt to highlight the excellence, innovativeness, and achievements of individuals with the aim of economic improvement in the world. ‘The Jewels of Muslim World Award’ is an award that symbolizes the initiators and actors who strengthened the economy thanks to their talent, and in this way we want to support them in their efforts. The significance of the award lies in the fact that it provides inspiration for younger generations to improve the image of Muslims worldwide, as productive and capable participants in the world economy”, it was stated, among other things, in the explanation of the award.

Presidents of the countries, ministers, leaders from different industrial fields, and entrepreneurs from 40 countries of the world participate in the work of the four-day conference. During the conference, the Director of BBI Bank participated as one of the key panelists speaking about the significance and role of innovations in achieving excellence.


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