Hadžić Licensed 18 B&H Flight Traffic Controllers

bhkontrolaletaB&H Minister of Communications and Transport Damir Hadžić presented in Sarajevo the licenses for 18 B&H flight controllers who are trained for this job in Belgrade under the project of air traffic management in B&H.

Hadžić reminded that B&H through documents that are signed is in charge to have 52 air traffic controllers and with today’s 18 has a total of 35 controllers, while the training for another 10 is ongoing.

“We expect that in the near future to find another additional seven or eight experienced controllers and from October 2014 B&H to take full control of its airspace”, said Hadžić.

He added that next month the Agency for providing air navigation services in B&H (BHANSA) will take over all the work from the entities agencies that will be closed down.

(Source: Fena)


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