Handball: B&H Cadets at the Final Phase of Preparations in Greece and Austria

kadeti_rukometThe men’s cadet handball representation of B&H (U18) from 10-12 January in Skarbek, Denmark will participate at the qualification tournament for the European championship 2014 in Poland.

Young B&H handball players will play with Denmark, France and Bulgaria within the third qualification group.

B&H cadets with the coach Jasmin Mrkonja have been preparing for about a year for this tournament.

Mrkonja tested nearly 100 young players during 7 gatherings in order to compose a list of 17 names. The final phase of preparations of B&H cadets will take place in Greece and Austria. The B&H team will play three friendly matches with the Greek team from 26-29 December and they will play two control matches with the team of Austria from 3-8 January 2014.

The representation will gather in Sarajevo on 24 December and will travel to Greece the next day.

(Source: Fena)

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