Handmade Embroidery Hundred Years old in focus of BiH Furniture Fair

The handmade embroidery hundred years old that is transferred from one generation to another was in the focus of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) fair that opened Thursday afternoon here.

The 35th International Fair “Interio”, held in Skenderija Center here, provided visitors with 100 exhibitors that presented interior and exterior design and the furniture that follows the latest world trends.

At the red carpet opening ceremony Director of the Skenderija Center Amer Kapo pointed out on the significant shift that was made since last year, highlighting better quality of products and higher number of exhibitors.

“Visitors will definitely have something to see in the next five days,” Kapo highlighted.

The stand that showed traditional BiH handmade embroidery that dates to 1917 was attention-grabbing for women visitors that wanted to know more about this traditional technique that is not used anymore.

Fatima Ramic, an artist, told Xinhua how the works presented are the ones made by her grandmother some 100 years ago. The handmade embroidery works were transferred from one generation to another as a gift that women brought with herself when getting married.

“Since I was a little girl, I loved antiques, and I collected them. This embroidery is made on such a thin material, thinner than a sheet of paper,” Ramic added, explaining that silk thread and materials that were used a century ago cannot be bough boughtre.

Ramic recalled that she visited China some 5 years ago, and spent a month in Shangai visiting cultural sights and buying canvases, materials, silk and all other things she needs for her craftworks.

The stand that attracted most young visitors’ attention was the one by BiH producer named “Izazov”, that presented four rooms fully furnished.

Marketing Manager of Izazov company Emina Jakupovic highlighted that company’s network extends throughout BiH, and that products are exported to the countries of the region and the European market. Also, she added that company presented new concept and new collection at the fair.

“There are numerous decorative objects from the new collection that our company offers and that can fit to every house and every design,” Jakupovic said.

Ines Hadzic, a Showroom Manager of Turkish Burotime company explained that the main concept of the company is the most creative and innovative solutions for the individual and collective work areas.

“Burotime is a company that is a specific in a way that it sells only furniture for business spaces. We have already gained confidence of the major companies in BiH that are fully furnished with our furniture,” Hadzic concluded.

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