How Wolfgang found his Father Ibrahim from BiH after 50 Years

Ibrahim Kismetovic worked in Linz in the 1960’s, and he met a woman from Austria then, Marianne Maresch, with whom she got a son. Many years later, Wolfgang managed to find and meet his father in the Bosnian village of Kismetovici near Buzim.

Ibrahim said that he went to work in Austria back in 1967 and he met a girl with whom he dated for a couple of months. Later on, when he finished his work, he returned home to Buzim. A year later, the girl informed him that she gave birth to their son.

“Since I already had a two-year-old son and a wife, I decided to destroy the letter, and she never wrote again. I did not believe it, I thought she was just lying. And then I got really surprised when a middle-aged man asked me on Facebook whether I worked in Austria back then and knew a woman named Marianne,” stated surprised Ibrahim.

Wolfgang grew up without a father, and his mother never told him who was his real father. This would remain a secret for him if there was not for his mother’s brother who decided to reveal him his father’s identity. When he was 13, his uncle told him who he was, and who was his father. Thus, he found out that his father was a Bosniak, that he lived somewhere in the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, and that his name was Ibrahim Kismetovic.

When he received a full identity of his father, Wolfgang could finally start searching for his roots. He searched for his father for days and months, and his wife, who is originally from Croatia, provided her unselfish support on that journey. Despite his great desire and effort, Wolfgang might never have found his father if it was not for the popular Facebook, where he contacted his father after 50 years.

“I was searching for my father with a strong desire to meet him, and I am so happy because I finally managed to achieve it after so many years. I am planning to come to BiH, to meet his hometown and place where he grew up. I also want to meet his sons Enver and Elvis, who live in the city of Feldkirch, Austria. This is a very important moment in my life, and I am very happy,” noted Wolfgang.

Marianne died about 1o years ago, from diabetes. Ibrahim is older than her, but he is still “holding on”. Therefore, the fate decided for Ibrahim to meet his son after all, the one for whose existence he did not even know.

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