Huffington Post: BiH is favorite to win on the Eurosong

12825239_1737729393130404_1891115662_nIn the article about the Eurosong, renowned American portal Huffington Post states that the unexpected return of a small country at this competition, which is now the favorite to win, is actually one of the reasons why Eurosong is the best music contest in the world.

“The song of BiH made remarkable success and according to fans all across the Europe, it is the favorite to win. Is this the year when the representatives of BiH will shine,” as stated by Huffington Post.

To recall, Dalal, Deen, Jala and Ana Rucner will represent BiH this year at Eurovision with the song “Ljubav je (Love is).”

This year’s Eurosong will be, according to Huffington Post, even more exciting than the last one. Some of the performances will be amazing, and the singers and groups will have additional three months to bring their performance to perfection.

One of the favorites to win is Latvia, and according to votes of the audience all across the Europe, Spain is also not far from winning at the Eurosong.

This year’s competition will be held in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, from the 10th to 14th of May, and the final night will be preceded by two semi-finals.



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