Humanitarian Football Tournament for Izeta Šogolj

1000_1478330126izeta_sa_sinomA humanitarian football tournament will be held in the sports hall in Zavidovići and all funds collected from tickets and sponsors will be allocated for the treatment of Izeta Šogolj.

Izeta has been fighting with mucinous tumors since February this year. Although two surgeries were performed, the tumors came back.

Expert team of doctors confirmed that the surgery Hipec must be performed in Turkey and the surgery costs between 35 and 50 thousand EUR.

Despite the fierce fight and fundraising during the year, Izeta still did not manage to collect the necessary funds.

Idriz, Izeta’s son, is trying to help his diseased mother in every possible way. Recently he organized a humanitarian fundraiser in the club Monaco in Zavidovići, where the people of Zavidovići gave donations, hoping that their fellow citizen will raise the necessary funds for this surgery.

Izeta lives as a subtenant and her monthly income amounts to 120 BAM.

For additional information, dial 061-272-868.

Humanitarian tournament will be played on Sunday.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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