”Hypermnesia” in SARTR

In the program of Open Scene of Sarajevo War Theatre on Thursday, 24 January, the audience will have the opportunity to watch the play ”Hypermnesia” directed by Selma Spahić. The play will also be played in Thessaloniki and in Belgrade.

Play ”Hypermnesia” had its premiere at ”Days of Sarajevo in Belgrade” on 7 May 2011 in Bitef Theatre in Belgrade, and it was done in the coproduction of Bitef Theatre and Heartefact fund.

This play has been quite popular in SARTR, and it played in November and December.

”Hypermnesia” is an enhanced ability to remember certain events, which are often connected with affectively coloured states (extremely pleasant or unpleasant experiences).

In life we often want to forget unpleasant situations, but our intense emotions make the process of forgetting very hard.

Play ”Hypermnesia” is analysing the unsaid in the process of growing-up and also it analyses the family relation of eight young actors that were born in the same country, and now they live in three different countries.

Through their stories we see how the social and political events in our region influenced, changed, destroyed and preserved families.

Cast of the play:  Maja Izetbegović, Jelena Ćuruvija, Tamara Krcunović, Milica Stefanović, Ermin Bravo, Alban Ukaj, Sanin Milavić and Damir Kustura.

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