ICTY Tribunal will consider the Request of Oric’s Defense

oric (1)President of the Hague Tribunal Theodor Meron appointed a judge to consider the request of Naser Oric’s defense for terminating the procedure that was initiated against him by the Court of B&H.

Request, which the defense filed on the 6th of November, was assigned to the Judge Liu Daqun.

Defense requested from the Hague Tribunal to order the Court of B&H to terminate the proceedings against Oric since they consider that tribunal already charged him for these crimes.

Defense lawyers Vasvija Vidovic and John Jones emphasized that the tribunal acquitted Oric of charges for crimes in Srebrenica back in 2008 and that he cannot be charged twice for the same crimes.

State Prosecution charged Oric as the former commander of the unit of the Bosnian Army (AB&H) in Srebrenica. The indictment, which was confirmed by the Court in September, charged him and Sabahudin Muhic for killing 3 prisoners of war of Serbian nationality in the area of Bratunac and Srebrenica.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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