Ideas of BH Innovators: Smart Handbag and SOS Bracelet presented

A smart handbag, SOS bracelet, and a cube for better use of children’s time are just some of the numerous innovations that were presented in Tuzla, within the unique program in BiH called Innovation Café.

Foundation for Innovation, Technology and Transfer of Knowledge – FITT program conceived the Innovation Café in a way that representatives of start-up ideas or companies, students and young innovators present their product and innovations to investors who came to our country in a very short period of time, a total of three minutes.

“Representatives of start-up companies, students and young innovators can present their ideas through this event, and investors can ask questions in a hope to invest in those companies. Our idea is for start-up companies from BiH and new innovations to get financial support from Europe and the world, and we bring foreign investors who are here, they listen to ideas and try to realize them,” said Ismail Sehic, chief operating director of the CEE FREIRAUM project, which is aimed at promoting entrepreneurial activities through creation of favourable environment for the development of business ideas in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The event in Tuzla gathered more than 120 guests, i.e. more than 60 students, 15 investors, 12 representatives of start-up project, as well as two lecturers.

BH designer Hana Sirco presented her innovations to the general public on numerous occasions, and among numerous projects she realized is the fashion collection for the disabled persons. Now, she made a step forward and created an original blend of fashion and technology, a smart handbag.

“Every owner has a complete view in the contents of the handbag. The lights are automatically shut down when you close the handbag, and it also contains a power bank so that you can charge your phone, tablet… Moreover, this handbag also has a special protection system for signal interference that is aimed at protecting the data on your payment cards,” stated Sirco.

Almedin Beganovic also presented start-up idea on behalf of his team from Tuzla, and if they find an investor, a company that will produce SOS bracelets might appear in BiH.

“The bracelet has a touch button, which is linked to an application with SOS messages and phone numbers. When you press the push button, SOS messages are automatically sent to those phone numbers, with added location. We also have the support for creation of a final product, and we are currently searching for an investor who will help us grow into a real company that will be engaged in the production of these bracelets,” said Beganovic.

Before Tuzla, Innovation Café was held in Sarajevo, and it will also take place in Mostar, Banja Luka and Bihac. The organizers stated that the main objective is to encourage young people to use their potential, give their contribution and strengthen the economy of BiH.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)






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