IFAD Projects: 32 million BAM for 27 Municipalities in FB&H

villageIn the upcoming years, the organization IFAD (Investing in rural communities) will implement the project with a budget of about 32 million BAM in the area of 27 local communities in the FB&H. The focus is on projects for support of rural development in local communities, including the municipalities of Gorazde, Foca and Pale in FB&H.

The new project relates to the production of fruits, vegetables, and collecting wild berries, as well as improvement of rural infrastructure. The aim is to reduce poverty in rural areas and to help small farmers to switch from the system of survival to the system of commercial agricultural practices through the development of value chains, as well as sector of non-farm business, in order to give a significant contribution to the creation of new workplaces in the rural area.

Implementation of the project will be financed by both IFAD and the municipalities in which these projects will be implemented. When it comes to municipalities within the BPK Gorazde, the Government of the Canton will give them its support as well.

It is expected that the project become a reality early next year. In the municipality of Gorazde are hoping to take around 2 million of funds from the budget of IFAD in the next 3 years.

“We have an obligation to prepare all projects by the end of the month, to determine our priorities, and to see in which way we will co-finance these projects. I have no doubt that the project will be successful and will be implemented. I’m particularly interested in the field of infrastructure for our local community, because we have some local communities that do not have a meter of asphalt and we have to help these people because they have farms,” said Muhamed Ramovic, the Mayor of Gorazde.




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